Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My fuschia is the best it has ever been right now.  It seems impossible to get a good photo, but here it is.  This is the one plant I baby.  I snuggle the plant up against the house for the winter, and cover it with an umbrella if it gets freezy out.  By doing so I have kept it going a good six years.  One reason I like it so is for the memory.  Our state homeschool convention was at the Disneyland Hotel for years, including all the years we went as a family.  That is where I first saw these, planted en masse on a bank.  I was delighted when I saw them for sale in quarts here and bought one. It is lovely to grow something so
reminiscent of Southern California.  I do like fuschias and this is the only one I have been able to keep year after year.  I like the contrast between the red stems and the mercurochrome flowers.

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