Saturday, February 12, 2011

Work day

Today Jerry dug out the wintersweet tree/shrub and moved the oakleaf hydrangea to its place.  The hydrangea looks great!  We liked the wintersweet, but the neighbors' cedar tree was using its airspace and sun.  I think the hydrangea, which was cramping space by the side gate will be even happier in its new location, if it survives the transplant.  This should have been an ideal time to move it though, so hoping for the best.  I now have 6 feet of shady garden to replant  : ) 
The roots of the wintersweet completely filled the yard waste bin, in one large clump, so it was a really big hard job. 
In the meantime, besides making lemonade for the worker, I repotted herbs and lettuce and such, and planted up some of the new stuff I got, and pulled more weeds.  I am so ready for new mulch!  If only someone would return my phone calls that might happen this next week. 

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