Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mid-August and raspberries and blessings

There just isn't much to say about the garden mid-August except hang on another month or so.  The heat stretches on and on, and other than watering the plants in pots and filling the bird baths and watching for weeds and being thankful for mulch, there isn't much going on. 

But there are raspberries.  : )  There is always something for hope, isn't there? 
These raspberries fruit twice a year.  This is the second year for these from tiny bareroot twigs that Robby picked up for me for 25 cents at Lowes at the end of bareroot season about a year and a half ago.  Last year they languished but evidently were busy putting down roots.  I moved four plants this year, up from the two that started, and they fruited on the small little plants in the spring then threw up these stronger 3 foot canes with these clusters of berries.  I understand from my reading that the earlier blooming canes, which are now all shriveled and brown, should be removed and these currently growing cut back a third.  Next year they will fruit again for spring before putting up new canes for late summer fruit.  I always thought raspberries only grew in cold climates so this is quite exciting for me. 

Having time for other things right now,  I have had my socks blessed off the past few days as I set up a seminar for parents of children with all kinds of special needs, to be held here in November.  It was just amazing to go from concept to planned event in about 24 hours.  And then someone stepped up and offered to cover the costs of the event, which include expenses for a well known guest speaker.  Just amazing!    

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