Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Burning bush

My burning bush, euonymus alatus compactus, has berries this year!   This shrub is planted in the front yard center bed and will eventually grow to six or eight feet, providing us with a bit of privacy from the street.  Not only do the leaves turn the bright red shown here, but the berries cover the branches and remain after the leaves fall. We saw a beautiful specimen in the garden at Biltmore House when we visited there and the bare branches covered in berries sold me.  Since then I have seen them in full red regalia in Ohio.  They may be common place there, but still strikingly good looking.   I am so pleased I found this one a couple of years ago bare root at Lowes and that it seems to be growing happily.  Don't the little berries look like pomegranate fruits? 

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