Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday April 22, the week in the garden

This is the burgeoning spring season in the garden.  Very soon, if not already we are at the peak of bloom season.  The roses are into their first big flush and other flowers are blooming daily.  

 Crown Princess Margareta, a David Austin rose that grows as a short climber for me.  Nicely fragrant and gorgeous in first bloom.  More photos next week.  Both the individual flower and the shrub are lovely.

 This iris was a gift from Jen.  I am so pleased I picked this one!

My unknown peony from a bareroot start from Costco. 


Dianthus barbatus 'Sooty'.  I raised this one from seed and it is a biennial, which means it takes two years to get this far.  It has the typical clove diantus fragrance.  Worth the wait! 


  1. I could just die for that peony!

  2. I can give you a clump of it, but not sure how it would do there. They need cold during dormant season. You can plant them with the eyes right at soil line to grab as much cold as possible, and I have read of people putting ice-cubes on them all winter.