Saturday, July 3, 2010


I could write three posts about the rudbeckia, and I will, but I thought first I would point out the birdbath.  So far I have not been able to rationalize the $99 any birdbath I admire has cost.  So I have made do quite nicely with simple glazed plant saucers.  I love plain clay pots!  I had this one on an awesome manzanita root my dad left us, but it fell apart a couple of weeks ago.   Jerry replaced it with this chunk from our old pine tree.   I have other saucers on the ground, for ground level critters, toads, cats, birds or whatever else is out there to reach comfortably.  When the flocks of finches come through in winter they really enjoy bathing in this bath.  We were out shopping nurseries recently and I saw lots of cool saucers at Leo's.  I want to think about getting a bigger more colorful saucer, but meanwhile this one is fine, and was only $7 at Target several years ago.

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