Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tiny treasure

I went out to deep soak trees, this being the first week I have had to remind myself of my oath to not complain about the heat.  : )   Look what I found!  Not such a good photo, but these eggs are about an inch long.  They have small holes pecked in them, and their occupants eaten by some predator.  They were by the orange tree.  There must be a nest, but the foliage is so dense I couldn't see one.  But no, wait, google search says these are blue jay eggs, and probably from a nest 20 feet up in a conifer.  That means the jays are nesting in the deodar cedar, makes sense.  We do have jays.  We do not have robins which was my first thought, but robin's blue eggs do not have spots.  I wonder how these eggs got down next to the orange tree.  Said predator must have stuck his beak in and carried them down.  I suppose on the other hand the wind could have tossed them.  Whatever, aren't they great?

1 comment:

  1. Wow, a treasure indeed! How neat! Although it's a bit sad the little things inside didn't make it.