Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I'm not sure about mums.  They are so monochromatic and stuffy fluffy and overbred and overdone.  A pot on the porch is OK for the fall color, but a yard full is a bit much.  Besides, so many want to overtake their location and grow into huge mounds of bland color.  So for the sake of the season I do have one, and by pinching all summer I can get it to bloom now, in November, which is so obviously the time for mums to bloom.  Sometimes I can even get some for Thanksgiving, although I think not this year.  I chose this mum for the snappy color, burnt red, cheerful golden yellow and lime green centers.  My camera didn't quite get the green, but it makes the flower.  So, not a daisy girl at all, but for the end of season splash these do a good job. 

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