Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rooting a rose

So fun!  A while ago I found a glass cloche on clearance at Beverly Fabric and decided it was cheap enough to go ahead and get one; I have mooned around about these for years  but could not justify the hefty price.  About the same time I noticed a rose I have been hunting for was growing in Rosalee's yard.  This is a sixties floribunda; reddish orange at the outer edges, fading to a bright yellow in the center; a fairly flat open rose with few petals.  I have researched but still do not know the name, and neither does Rosalee.  Today I went over and took a cutting, brought it home, dipped it in rooting hormone and planted it.  Placed inside the cloche it is a dream come true.  8-10 weeks for rooting though, so while it may be cute and fun, there is no guarantee this baby will grow.

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