Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hurrying spring

I stopped by Lowes yesterday to pick up a new bareroot rose, and guess what!? They have veggies and herbs out.  Tomatoes!  Goodness, I have pushed a bit and planted tomatoes mid February knowing that it is not often we get freezes after that, but really our last frost date is March 15 and any summer veggies or herbs planted before then are risky, and probably will just sit and mope.  It is tempting though to pick up a tomato and keep it in the house for a month.  I wonder if that would work? 

Otherwise, my trusty local Master Gardener  Vegetable Planting Guide shows now is the time for the bare root veggies, asparagus and rhubarb. I saw potato starts, but probably better to wait a bit for those.  Baby winter veg plants can go in now, peas, chard, and broccoli, although I have yet to see a decent broccoli plant this year.  Otherwise, hang on a couple of weeks and then we can seed out quite a few veggies.  Here are my peas, blooming away.


  1. Is the Master Gardener chart something you could link on your blog? Where did you get it?

  2. I found the chart online and linked it in above. I got mine at a Master Gardener's event. I have some other things from them, too, like a local hummingbird identifier sheet.