Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter seeds

Many perennial seeds, as well as some spring blooming annuals, either need or tolerate a process sometimes called winter sowing.  If you google wintersowing you will find much information.  Basically, some seeds need a period of cold, followed by mild temps for good germination.  Although seed pack directions may say place in refridgerator for 3-6 weeks, our goopy cold fog is an ideal alternative.  In cold snowy climes, where obviously most seeds germinate at spring thaw, winter sowing is quite effective.  January is the right time to sow, so today I will bundle up to stay warm, and venture out to plant seeds.  I know for sure one variety will be breadseed poppies as the hundreds of seeds I strew about have not come up at all.  Perhaps the tiny birds had a great feast, or perhaps, all the rain molded them dead.  Whatever, I am trying again...

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