Saturday, September 17, 2011

The garden Mid-September

As we near the autumn equinox I can see the garden sigh with relief from less sun.  This morning I walked out and counted 40 kinds of flowers blooming.  Several are a bit of out time, like a little foxglove, a new bloom on the oakleaf hydrangea, and lots of lavender.  I do not recall lavender blooming the entire season before. 
Problems that need addressing include the purple potato vine that has wobbled over inspite of careful pruning.  It apparently needs to be kept smaller.  The orange tree continues to put out diseased foliage.  I am not sure what it is, some sort of leaf miner maybe, but we are dealing by cutting it all off.  In the back corner bed the anenome and other spreading perennials continue to spread in spite of all efforts to dig them out.  Now that it is cooling off I need to get back to being aggressive with those.  For some reason the roses have not done well this year.  It is disappointing to have so few roses, and those so small, and the bushes looking unhealthy as well.
On the bright side, there are several pumpkins growing and one is even turning orange.  It is quite small, but there will be at least one pumpkin on the porch this fall.  My new species peony browned and hasn been cut to the ground.  I remember last year thinking oh, no, it has died but it came back just fine in the spring.  I am hoping the same is true this year.  Maybe it just has a short season.  The Solomon seal is turning yellow and the eupatorium is blooming, both more signs that fall is on the way.  

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