Thursday, September 8, 2011

Late perennials

Aster 'Purple Dome'

Today I saw goldenrod blooming along the freeway in Ohio.  I have never seen it outside a book before.  As pretty as it is, it is the yellow I do not care to have in my garden, so it can stay in Ohio.   : )  This is one of the 'fall' blooming perennials, and yes, fall has arrived in Ohio.  Apparently fall begins at Labor Day and progresses into November, just like we all wish fall would always do. 

At home the asters have begun to bloom, as well as the helenium.  Japanese anenome is budded up as well.  The Eupatorium 'Chocolate' waits for October and is just so lovely as a true fall bloom, looking like cocoa foam on the chocolate leaves.  The advantage of late blooming perennials is that the foliage stays nice all summer.  When plants bloom early they are done and the foliage begins to die back in preparation for the new year.  For those of us with a long season, too many spring blooming perennials means an old tired garden come August.  

My mums died this year, no great loss.  I saw a pretty double red at Lowe's that I might buy if they get new ones in once it actually cools down.  Mums do not keep blooming.  What you see at the store is what you get and if they have already opened that means about two weeks worth of flowers.  I will wait and see what's available in October, then after the plant blooms, cut it back and plant it outside for next year's color. 

Many of the summer blooming perennials are still blooming, but the new ones get the ooh's and ah's. 

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