Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Garden cover- tree shade

Nearly 15 years ago I started my vision for the side yard shady garden.  In 1997 we planted two Chinese tallow trees.  I had researched small shade trees for several years and these seemed to be the going choice.  Little did we know the drawbacks...
However, my idea for the garden was two larger trees that would create something of a ceiling over the side yard, giving us shade in which to garden.  Apparently it is working.  After a week of 28 degree nights my nasturtiums are still alive!  My pot of impatiens has frosted back, but otherwise there seems to be very little frost damage.  How that may affect plants that prefer a cold winter, I am not sure, and won't be until summer.  But it is interesting to see the results of an idea I had so many years ago.  Of course I would probably do it differently now, but in spite of all their weak points I still like the tallow trees. 

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