Monday, December 12, 2011

Reading the weather

We awoke this morning to lowering skies and temps 10 degrees higher than the past week.  My weather report said rain, Jerry's did not.  But one thing we know, if the mountains stand clear, with clouds above, those are rain clouds.  When the mountains are obscured as they were today, there is no rain. 
I love how we learn to read the weather; whether by experience or teaching we seem to learn to understand our environment.  I recall an early favorite memory of running across a field into the brisk fall breeze.  Did I know at age five that the crispness meant fall?  Was I learning from that experience or just enjoying it?  This past fall in Ohio, Nathan noticed the rising breeze with apprehension.  He has learned the wind means tornado, through frightful experience.  My attempts to persuade him the wind is wonderful, and let's pretend to be kites, or birds, or planes, were met with incredulity.  Crazy meema, wind is tornado weather. 

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