Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year in the garden

Here we are past the solstice and into the growing days of the New Year.  These corydalis stay green and bloom all year, which endear them to me.  Aren't they sweet in their fernyness? 
There are a few other plants still blooming, through the past month's cold nights,  pansies, snapdragons, alyssum, a few violets, and so forth.  A few others we can anticipate this month, hellebore and grape hyacinth among them. Soon it will be time for bareroots, and winter seeding.
But the flower that has my interest right now is the rose.  I won't post yet another picture, but I do keep thinking about how they are blooming better now, right at pruning time, than they did all summer.  Last year I pruned them hard, as is typically recommended. I am seriously thinking that this year I won't prune them, beyond the few necessary cuts needed to keep them in bounds.  Evelyn wants to grow ten feet tall and wide and does need some restraining, but I think the smaller bushes might be fine with very little pruning.  An experiment for the new year. 

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