Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seed time, indoor vegetable sowing

Mid-January in the San Joaquin Valley is seed sowing time.  Many veggie and other seed packets will say sow indoors 8 weeks before last frost.  Although realistically we rarely get frosts after Valentine's Day, and very very rarely we get a frost in April, the marker day for last frost is March 15.  So what can be sown now?  Tomatoes, green beans, peppers and chilis, all those warm season veggies we would buy ready to plant in March.  These do need to be inside, with warmth and light.  But in just a couple of weeks we can sow another crop of the cool season veggies outside, radish, chard, beets, spinach, carrots and so forth. If anyone has gotten into the new fad for parsnips, they are grown like carrots.  Potato and onion starts will be out soon as well.

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