Saturday, December 11, 2010

Blog decisions

As this first year of Debbie's Garden comes to a close I need to make a decision.  A friend sent me this link  for a different kind of garden journal.  Plant Jotter allows one to actually keep records of plants planted, with their locations, as well as keeping track of what's blooming when, and what works best, and so on.  So it might be a more useful option for me.  The other option would be to overhaul this blog with a new look and broader perspective.  I have ideas for the look, thanks to some photos Jeff took while he was here at Thanksgiving, but I am not sure about expanding thoughts.  I do think continuing this is fairly pointless, as I know that while some things change from year to year, more do not. 


  1. Decisions, decisions. That plant journal does sound kind of neat. Is it something other people can view, or is it only for you?

  2. I know I enjoy reading your commentary not just on the plants in your yard but sort of general gardening theory and how it all works together. Does that make sense? You know all about "zones" and what seasons are best for what things, which doesn't come naturally to most people. I get how it works, but a lot of that information is so mysterious to me, perhaps because I spent most of my life in the equatorial tropics (there are no real seasons) or temperate Southern California (there are seasons but they are mild, and most things grow year-round or have two harvests, etc.).