Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Several changes in the garden focused my attention on clematis.  First, the back arbor fell down so I moved the clematis growing on it to the shady side yard.  I love these growing on each side of the side gate.  They get afternoon sun coming over the fence.

Clematis 'Violacea'

The post below shows the other clematis growing in this bed, 'Madame Julia Correvon'.  These are both viticellas which apparently are a type that does better here in the heat.  Sunset used to say clematis did not grow here, but I find these bloom on and off from May into fall, and if kept from the harshest sun do quite well. 

Another variety that does well in the heat is texensis.  Last night I went out and moved my 'Gravetye Beauty' from under my roses to the new trellis in the front yard.  I do not have a picture yet, the poor plant was not too happy to be ripped from amongst the roses.  I had thought it would be great seeing red clematis with the apricot roses, but they went unnoticed.  So we will see how they do in the new location.  Clematis are deciduous, and in spite of greatly detailed information on care and pruning, I find cutting them down in early February when they first begin to grow is all the care they need. 

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