Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In from the garden

A few years ago I redid Robby's old bedroom.  It started out to be a blue and white guestroom.  That was the plan.  It ended up this color...

The beds moved to new homes so I thought the room would be an office for Jerry, but he never went in there.  Eventually it morphed into a sewing room.  The problem was I could not bear to sit in the coldness of that turquoise, even when livened up with orange and lime green.  So a couple of weeks ago I abandoned my sewing project and redid the room this color...

One thing I realized in doing this is the reality of the cost of small changes.  One gallon paint $28, a new ironing board cover $15, and framing for a 100 year old portrait of my great-gramma $40, which was a real deal.  But still, almost $100 to redo a tiny tiny room with basically no changes. 

I took out all the citrusy flower power accessories and brought in antiques from all over the house.  That is why I decided to hang the old portrait, other art work didn't look right. Now that it is too late I realize I could have brought in the old embroideries from the living room, but I like those there, and the portrait is more in keeping with the other old antique colored items.  The quilt is the one splash of color.  I think I may hang antique baby dresses over the quilt, I will need to dig those out and see.  Now to get back to the sewing.

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