Thursday, July 21, 2011

The great mulch adventure

Side yard path notice all the green from the leafy branches.  It should turn brown soon in this weather.
Back garden with mulch already browner just from two days in full sun.
A few months ago we thought we would buy bark to mulch the yard.  We way over estimated and went for the most expensive stuff and got a quote of $1000.  Crazy!  We hunted around for a while and then just let it drop.  Two days ago a tree trimmer company pulled up in front of our house and I ran out and asked them if I could have the shredded trimmings.  They told me they would empty the truck in my driveway.  Oh yay!  Mulch for free.  Much more like it!  : )  
Jerry's pet Tuffy, in the front yard
Robby got some of his youth group to come over and help me move it to the back and spread it.  We were happy to have them help and to pay them for camp expenses next week.  Together we moved about 2/3 of the pile. Then last night Jerry and I worked on the front yard and our neighbor whose trees got pruned took enough for her yard and there is still some left for other neighbors.  What a really great deal!  I am really sore from all the work but thinking of all the weeds we will not have to pull in the coming months. 

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