Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Asparagus in fall!  We cut asparagus for a few short weeks in spring, but then must let the foliage grow for the summer to replenish and grow a larger root system for next year.  In fall they die back and must be cut to the ground.  In the process we get this charming look.  The berries sometimes grow new babies, some of which I recently moved into the row with the big guys.  A couple of weeks ago I bought some rather spindly, rather tough asparagus at Farmer Market.  I wondered and wondered how they got a crop in the fall.  Then when I was replanting the babies I noticed new stalks coming up under the browning foliage.  Mine were already too big to use, but it might payoff to know about this next year.  The key to the asparagus not being tough is to make sure the heads are still tight.  So next fall maybe we will have a meal of asparagus. 

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