Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Seasonal rhythm

I was out this morning in the cool of a gathering storm cleaning up the withering annuals and perennials.  I realized the the condition of the dahlia is due to my lack in cutting back in July.  I have said before that I have learned to cut back most of the garden heavily towards the end of July.  It might look lean during the long hot spell following, but bounces back for a good long spell in fall.  Now, having not cut back this year, I find the cost is cutting back now, all the way to the ground. So there will probably not be any dahlias for the next month or two before frost.  Even though I counted three dozen kinds of flowers blooming for October 1, the dahlias, zinnias, salvias and cosmos are the big color impact in the fall as well as summer.  Hopefully next year I will pay attention and get that job done. 

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