Saturday, October 1, 2011

Satisfying Saturday

Yesterday I fall cleaned the guest room and mailed this outfit I made for Eva. So silly it took me so long. It was intended for camping this summer and here it is coming on winter there. The overalls are repurposed from one of Jerry's shirts. I do not like the lining and that is what made it take so long. But I think those accomplishments prepped me for a great day today. 

It has been a while since we had a fun yet productive Saturday. I started the day with errands, farmer market and scoping out the shops for things like towels for Deb and 'Cars' sweats for Nathan, and T-shirts I can use for a new idea for little cardigans for babys. Not much luck, except I saw some fun towels at Target, pink with multicolors stripes with appliqued owls, so cute for Deb's pink bathroom. Of course I would not buy anything that far from solid beige without permission, but they have made me smile all day.

      This plant stand will go in the front yard as an accent. 

Palest yellow pansies.

This afternoon Jerry and I went to the stone yard, the plant nursery, Lowe's, OSH and Starbucks, oh and Radio Shack.  Jerry is trying to fix the coffee maker Jeff gave him for Christmas a couple years ago.  At the plant nursery I got into the pansies, and bought three colors.  I also got some orange snapdragons, just because I love the color.  Luis' always has red pansies, my favorites. This evening I started planting them. 

The big news is after more than a year of waffling about and thinking and planning, and waiting so long Home Depot stopped carrying the pavers we wanted, we finally decided what to do and found a wonderful company in Arizona that sold us pavers we love for price similar to Home Depot. It is great to do business with people who know their product.  So we were out today figuring out what all else we need to get started.  Jerry has a week off, week after this, and hopefully we will make good progress then.  Here is Jerry breaking ground, digging out old bricks and tree roots.  Thanks to Rosalee's generous gift we will soon have our front walkways, patio and tricycle track. 

And finally we had some amazing french toast for dinner.  For some reason this week I have just dreaded having to make dinner and then worried that after nearly 38 years I no longer like to cook.  But when Jerry said that's fine we can eat out, that sounded so gross.  He said maybe I am just not into dinner right now. 

It has been quite the satisfying Saturday, with other chores completed as well. 

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