Sunday, October 23, 2011

Paver project update

End of week two, the walk to the porch is complete.  

 Precision in the details = hours of careful work.  This project may not be done before the New Year at this rate! 

Off to a good start on another Saturday.  This is the center patio section.  

This day went well.  Weed cloth went down easily, sand followed and although the leveling was a tough job, since the area was so wide, all in all the work moved faster.  Rosalee came by with In & Out at lunch time, providing a happy break, and then in the later afternoon Robby and Candace dropped by to check on the progress.  Of course Robby got caught up helping carry the pavers for Jerry to place.  That is significant since each paver weighs 3.5 pounds.  So the middle section is ready for edging and the precision work.  Nice!  

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