Sunday, February 5, 2012

Early spring bulbs

Daffodils are to me the heralds of spring.  However, they are not the first of the bulbs to bloom.  The hyacinths began to open as they shoved above the earth this year.  There are more there coming along and altogether make a lovely pot of bloom.  These are so easy,  I just stuck them in a pot, three bulbs the first year, and added a bit of water once it turned cold.  As they begin to die back I move them to a sheltered place and allow them to dry in the pot and sit for the summer.  In early winter I bring them out again and add water.  Very simple!  I grow them in pots because somehow it makes them more friendly.  Hyacinths have always struck me as pompous, but their scent is amazing, and worth having.

 The little muscari have also spiked up some bloom.  These are very easy in the ground.  Galanthus are another very early bulb, but mine have not yet put up buds.  I hope that does not mean they are already declining.

And finally, the daffodils are up right on schedule and I assume will be opening right at Valentine's Day.  It is just really too bad these are not red  : )

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  1. Yay! Our daffodil and tulip bulbs have popped up, too. We're so excited :)