Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let the season commence

Today I stepped out thinking about sowing another crop of cool season veggies and saw to my surprise and delight that the daffodils are opening. I was thinking this week that anticipation may be one of my favorite things. Those who know me know I usually overdo it. But it certainly is affirming to look forward to daffodils blooming around Valentine's Day and then see them do it.  The three shown here are now on my counter in celebration. 

Altogether I counted 2 dozen kinds of flowers blooming, although only hellebores and violets are fully out.  Hellebore hybrids do not seed true, as shown by this purple one blooming along with the whites.

I am amazed that the nasturtiums came through the winter with no ill effects.  Usually those planted in fall do not have time to bloom well before they freeze, and the ones that are spring planted likewise are killed by heat.  This one is Empress of India, a more difficult to grow clumping variety.  I like the dark leaves and flowers.  Looking forward to seeing these bloom for the next several months.  

Another surprise is the asparagus, already pushing up.  Peas are blooming.  I am cutting broccoli and lettuce.  I sowed more lettuce, spinach, carrots, chard and beets.  I also sowed breadseed poppies, more nasturtiums and some other flowers.  Altogether, I had a profitable couple of hours.  

Apricots!  Yum  : )

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