Saturday, February 18, 2012


I like to grow a crop of potatoes in spring and fall.  I keep learning more about how it all works.  Back in January I had some red potatoes that were past use, but it was still freezy outside.  I put the potatoes in a pot and covered them with a few inches of dry potting soil and set the pot in a sheltered spot up close to the house, for warmth.  Last weekend I remembered the pot and looked for the potatoes.  They were starting to grow, so I moved the pot into the sun and gave it some water.  Who knew?   I have read that potatoes will store in the ground, so it makes sense.  Last fall I had potatoes growing that I had put in during the spring bareroot season.  The apparently just sat through  the heat then grew.  I am not a confident potato grower yet, but I am learning.  All this makes me wonder if whenever there is a potato or two that would go in the compost if one could just bury it in the ground and perhaps get a small crop.   Maybe we should try it and see. 

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