Thursday, February 11, 2010

Early Spring bulbs

Along with the daffodils I have a few other early blooming bulbs.   I never particularly liked hyacinths, maybe because one usually sees them marching soldier stiff in front of some green border.  But a few years ago we visited Orcas Island in March and I saw some amazing purple hyacinths. Their scent was reason enough to plan for some.  So I found some bulbs and put them in a pot, so they would look not quite so stiff.  Here they are second year blooming.  Once done, I simply set the pot back out of the way, then bring it up again in the fall. 

I also have clusters of muscari scattered around here and there.  My neighbor has a charming edging of them but not only is that not my style, I couldn't get it to work when I tried, out of admiration for hers  : )

Others still to come include ranunculas, freesias, alium, brodiae, ixia, sparaxis, and more.

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