Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fragrance of flowers

As I step out the back door I am greeted with the spicy frangrance of the hyacinths.  Further out back the sweet scent of violets permeates the air.  A couple of months ago it was the winter sweet making the difference in what we call cow fog, a valley phenomenon whereby the fog smells of fresh cow patties.  Soon, the corydalis 'Blackberry Wine' will be blooming and smelling delicious, followed by lilacs, sweet peas, star jasmine, roses and others.  One of the more subtle fragrances and one I love is the echinacea.  I was in a public garden during the hot muggy summer of Topeka one year and the echinacea scent was so pervasive I was amazed.  Here, one must be up close to smell it.  I enjoy having various things with great fragrance during the year, the key being a variety, a sequence to look forward to... 

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