Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fruit trees

It is interesting to see the differences in the fruit trees as they blossom and set fruit.  Right now the plum tree is frothy with blossom while the cherry tree buds are just beginning to swell, but the cherries will be ripe a good month earlier than the plums. The apricot tree blooms a few flowers here and a few there over a month or so, and likewise the fruit comes ripe at random times.  Since there are rarely more than a few ripe at once we like to go out together, pick an apricot or two and share them.  It is in fact one of our favorite dates and we treat it as such.  : )   The nectarines are also in bloom with the threat of breaking the tree with the subsequent heavy fruit.  While the plums will wildly fling themselves from the tree in the late spring fruit drop, essentially self thinning, the nectarines must be carefully removed, leaving only one or two per twig.  Spring blossom on fruit trees is another harbinger of hope.

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