Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Great deal!

Robby was in Lowes and the sales person pointed out their clearance sale on bareroot food plants.  He got me four raspberry bushes, two blueberry bushes, and six asparagus all for $2 includng tax!  Sold regular price they would be $35.  Plus he was moving around plants in his yard and gave me some of them including a bay leaf bush, laurus nobilis.  I picture them as six foot topiaries in pots in front of fancy homes, but turns out they can grow to 100 feet.  I think this one will live in a pot.  Silly builder landscapers put it in the one foot deep spot in front of Rob's garage!  I have wanted one of these for the aromatic foliage, and the option of a plant with a formal shape, should one decide to do that, but a little herb pot sized one runs $13 and it's not like anyone ever uses enough bay leaf to warant that price! 

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