Monday, March 29, 2010

Working weekend

Wow, things changed in the garden this weekend!  Jerry got busy with the saw and limbed up the tallow tree over my shady garden, allowing more light in once the tree leafs out.  He trimmed up the orange tree to keep it more in bounds and tidier looking.  Then he pruned down the wintersweet turning it into a shrub, about 8 feet tall, instead of the tree shape of 15 feet that it was.  As the neighbor's deodar tree grew the two were becoming entangled.  THEN the big job commenced.  He went up on the roof to cut a branch off the deodar so it would not hang on the house and discovered a branch had fallen on our roof and as the needles dried and fell they collected dirt which with the rains had turned to adobe covering the shingles.  He worked for four or five hours with hose and broom and blower and brush, gouging off the mud inch by inch.  What a mess!  
I worked on the new asparagus bed, moved plants and generally continued with my plans to reshape parts of the garden. 
Then Sunday afternoon I cleaned out the garden shed and the potting table while Jerry cut all those tree branches into teeny tiny pieces, filling the yard waste bin.  It is amazing how much he can fit into that small space.  So, what a difference it all makes.  We feel it has been a long time since we were on top of things, garden wise, and otherwise.  It feels good to have something accomplished.

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