Saturday, March 20, 2010

Work day

Treated myself to a work day today.  : )   We started off the day with fresh orange juice from our few remaining oranges, and hot scones with tea and coffee.  Then we went to buy lawnmower parts, and summer bedding plants at the nursery.  Since lunch I have planted 36 summer annuals, mostly impatiens which will now happily bloom in the shade until Thanksgiving.   I also tried to divide the orchid but it was such a solid mass of roots, and so filled with debris, including black widows, that I just heaved the whole thing into the yard waste bin.  Then I divided and replanted the aloe vera and lemon balm.  Cleaned up debris and reordered the herb pots and generally made things tidier.  Oh, I tossed out the old parsley and replaced it with a calibrachoa. So, the side yard is looking ready for summer, except Jerry needs time to trim a few low branches off the trees.  He spent his day in the garage rebuilding the lawnmower engine in hopes of making it last the distance.  So far, no go. 
Next, I have a flat of Irish moss to plant around the stepping stones in the back, and some cucumbers and dill to put in. 

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  1. Happy to see all the lovely things blooming for you! Perhaps I should give impatiens a try. You always love those. Do I need lots of shade, though? If so, that makes things tricky for me.

    I need to come by and see your garden. Perhaps you can load me up with more things to plant at our home :)