Saturday, March 27, 2010

Under the Lilacs

This picture shows the lilac best, and the bench snugged in under against the north facing wall and so always in shade.  'Little tree' is on the right, out of picture, offering more shade in summer.  The falling down arbor aside (which Jerry has promised to replace with a homemade copper one), this is the first area of my far back redo that is pretty much done and to my liking.  There is a new broken cement path to the bench.  Along the left side from the arbor to the lilac there is a swath of violets with columbine.  Swinging to the right are foxglove, hollyhocks, larkspur and monarda, a 'tall' bed.  To the left is the orange tree and to the right a row of roses against the fence.  Clematis grows on the arbor, joined by cardinal climber vine in summer. 

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