Monday, October 4, 2010

Cool season timing

It is late for cooling down.  Winter annuals need to be growing well before cold weather.  It is quite a trick to get them in after that last hot week, so they don't sit there and fry, yet early enough that they get enough sun to get up and going.  I like to get things in by the end of September but today was the first day cool enough to even think about it.  So I was out most of the day, except for some heavy phone time for work.  I overhauled one small bed, which took a good 3-4 hours.  Next I probably need to get seeds started and the bedding annuals out.  I also need to plant bulbs, and all those bulb related things, corms, etc.  I just remembered yesterday that I have ranunculus I saved from last year.  Then there are the cool season veggies, broccoli, peas, and all the leafy greens.  I saw today I do have 3 tiny chard plants trying to grow.  Interestingly, some seeds want to be sown at 80 degrees, then want some good cold for a period of a month or two.  Our late warm season and short cold make these easy to do outside. If the cloud cover continues, the next few days should be fun.  : )

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