Thursday, October 14, 2010


My doctor always says gardening is not exercise.  Next year he can come pull out my tomatoes!  : )   Every fall it is a challenge to decide when to pull the tomato vines.  This year I grew indeterminant plants, which means they grow to be giants.  It was that, mainly, that had me out this morning ripping them out.  I did save a basketfull of green tomatoes that will ripen on the counter.  Not as good as summer vine ripened tomatoes but as good as anything in the stores.  Because the vines grew so large they sprawled all over and the snails have been feasting on and ruining every turning red tomato.  So just as well they are in the bin and out of there.  Now I won't have to wonder if I will end up having to pull black slimey frosted vines. 

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