Sunday, October 3, 2010

Late summer/early fall?

While the calendar may say it is fall, I think summer is still with us.  We went for a drive through Yokohl Valley to Springville today and the hills were beautiful in all their shades of brown, from the ecru barley to the deep umber of the oak tree bark.  My favorite is the burnt sienna of the buckeye trees. They are dormant with that amazing reddish-cocoa color all summer.  Come cold weather, the leaves will drop and the buckeyes will shed their husks, hanging through the winter with that same rich color against the bare grayish branches. Fall is so fleeting here, no more than six weeks, usually less; it would be nice if it lingered a bit.

We had a splatter of rain last night; it moved me to tears.  So silly! : )  But half a year with no rain at all makes even a splatter something new and amazing.

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