Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Missed opportunity

I just realized that as I was moping around wishing the hot weather would go away I was missing one of the things I like most about gardening.  Planning!  Gardening can be just like Christmas!  : )  Plot and plan for the next season, put those little seeds or plants or bulbs in the ground and then wait for the great unveiling! lol  Love it!  Of course Christmas may come and go with little recognition of the One for whom we supposedly do it, but in the garden there is no denying the Master's hand.  So this year the books stayed on the shelf, and only last night did I bring one out, Plant Marriages, because I am moving some things and recreating.  I have seeds, bought a year ago.  I knew I had seeds and was just waiting for it to cool off to plant, rather than reveling in what and where and how.  Too bad I missed some weeks of pure enjoyment. 

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