Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall blooming perennials

Perennials that wait for fall in our mild climate are rare.  For example, given the chance mums will bloom in June.  Pinched back until August, they will wait to bloom until October or November.  Mine are just budding. 
Some that wait on their own include Eupatorium 'Chocolate', as discussed below, Japanese anenome, asters and heleniums.  My aster is done for the year though, as is the helenium.  Evidently fall to them means early September.  I need to look into the pinching them. 

Other fall bloomers are Sedum 'Autumn Joy', and soldagio, goldenrod, neither of which I have tried, so I am not sure when they actually bloom here. 

I want to try the fall blooming bulbs, Schizostylus and Nerine, but have not been in the mood to shell out the $$ for an online bulb purchase.  They both come in reds. 

Of course there are always the continously blooming salvias, rudbeckias, dahlias and phlox, along with others I am probably forgetting.   

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