Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back door garden

This is my herb and lettuces garden, right outside the back door.  Maybe you can tell I often step out for a piece of aloe for my hands.  I have veggies and herbs in various places but it is nice to have these right outside to step out and snip a bit for meals. What's growing right now?  Across the bench, aloe, seasoning celery, parsley, cilantro, and then a pelargonium for color.  At the end, lemon verbena, rosemary and potatoes.  Coming back along the ground, two kinds of chives, spinach and several kinds of lettuce.  Time to get some basil going! 


  1. So nice and neat! I have a few little basil seedings growing right now. You're welcome to one! I find the easiest way to grow basil it already grown at Lowe's :) I recently tried the Spicy Globe Basil, and it's great! A bit hardier than the regular basil, but still good flavor.

  2. I would love one of your basil babies. : )