Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shrubs for easy gardening

Although when I began my gardens I was only thinking of the grand perennials called main event flowers, I soon realized it took more to make a real garden.  Shrubs have made a great addition, adding height, fullness and color.  A huge advantage is the easy care.  Nandina rarely requires any attention at all.  Azaleas require none.  Lilacs might be pruned once a year but we know they go on and on for generations with no care at all.  Hydrangeas, camelias, red twig dogwood, and viburnum are more great looking plants that require little to no effort.  Let them go a few years and they are fine.  Or you may like to tidy them up once a year, or cut the flowers to bring indoors. There are of course others, but these have won a place in my gardens due to their color, longevity, and flowers. 

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