Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Morning pleasures

I was up early for the second day this week.  I just love watching dawn break over the black line of the Sierra's, whether there are pink clouds or not.  It is the mountains themselves that I like.  I am also entranced with these green puffs on the Viburnum Opulus Compactus, the snowball bush.  They glow in the early morning light.  They are slowly growing and will turn white, then fade back to green and then to brown.  This is the fourth year from bareroot twig and the first year with really good bloom.  I started this shrub after seeing pictures of snowballs arranged with lilacs.  I am looking forward to seeing these with the new white and purple lilacs we just bought.  I think the three colors will be amazing together.  I may not have patience for the day to day bits and pieces, but in the garden I can wait a few years to see the dream.

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