Friday, January 8, 2010


For years people said blueberries will not grow here and now it is all the thing to grow blueberries.  I am so there!  After several tries with little stick bareroots, one of which is still growing, I stumbled across a sale of one gallon potted blueberries, half price at Lowes.  I now have a row of five, four different varieties.  So we will see what happens. 

Blueberries need cool acidic soil.  My soil tests nearly neutral so I added some peat moss, some iron, and some redwood compost to the planting holes, probably a third additives to two thirds original soil.  Before warm weather comes I will add several inches of mulch, probably the cedar needles from the next door neighbor's tree.  I planted the bushes against a south wall, which might be iffy, but I am hoping that the way the sun moves, they should get a fair amount of shade in summer, and for sure during the afternoon, due to aforementioned Cedrus Deodora that sits directly west.

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