Sunday, January 17, 2010


Everyone is all agog over the thought of rain.  I saw a dad buying his daughter rain boots in expectation yesterday!  Evidently we are expecting either a huge storm, or a series, maybe as many as six, storms one after another.  At any rate, the prediction is rain for the next six days and then more coming.  Hurray for rain!  Thank you God for your mercies!  The paper this week showed totals for the last few years, 2004-05 12 inches, 05-06 15.4 inches, 06-07 3.67 inches, 07-08 6.52 inches, 08-09 6.7 inches.  Our average is what, about 11ish I think.  Paper says 15 was 140% of normal, and 6.5 59% of normal.  What I know is 8ish is about typical with those occasional years of a lot more to up the average.  22 is the most I remember and what a dismal year that was for gardening.  Our ground does not hold that kind of water and plants rot from sitting in the water.  Those 12-15 inch years are awesome, but things sure get floody.  So far this year, measuring July-June, we have 3.75 inches and two of that from that freaky storm back in early October.  So let's all snuggle down and enjoy!   It is splashing down even as I type...

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