Sunday, January 10, 2010


Cyclamen bloom in winter, making them valuable to my garden.  My enjoyment of them though has come primarily through learning to propagate them.  Here is a newly gifted white cyclamen.

While cyclamen purchased in garden centers have been forced and begin blooming in November, garden grown plants bloom later and continue into hot weather.  At that point I move them close to the house in full shade and let them over summer,watering as needed.  The cool thing is I discovered they set seed and the seed readily sprouts where it falls.

I move these babies into pots and allow them to grow for  couple of years

Then I put them in larger pots and set them out where we can enjoy the winter bloom.  This one is just now putting out buds. 

All my garden grown cyclamen are red, my favorite color.  It is just the greatest most enjoyable form of bargain finding to know I can share plants that grew for free but would cost $$$ if purchased at the garden center.  I love it! 

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