Saturday, January 16, 2010

Master Gardener Fair

Today at the fair, which was a dozen or more tables set up to demonstrate some particular aspect of gardening here, I learned I can grow my grape vine up a post and just keep pruning it to stay post sized.  I had no idea, since my whole exposure is the vineyards we see as we drive up and down the highway.  They always have wires strung from post to post and the vines growing the length.  The master gardener with whom I spoke thought my idea of growing mine up the dead cherry tree was brilliant, but I wonder how all those vines come down next winter! 

I also visited at a table on gardening for schools.  They had some really cute books there!  I think it was a fairly random collection and the gal in charge said there is a lot on the internet.  It all made me think again that maybe I could teach gardening.  Hmmmm....will have to think more about that. 

Oh, and I found out where the hummingbirds go!  Mexico!  Or Alaska!  I asked why they are gone such a short time and the answer is various ones come and go at various times.  I did hear that some just move in and make themselves at home. 

I checked out square foot gardening for veggies and don't think I really learned anything.  I need to get that figured out though.  I am pretty sure it is dependent on soil quality.  Likewise did not learn anything new about pruning roses.  Theirs looked like mine, and mine grow roses so it must be OK to do what I do.

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