Friday, January 1, 2010

lack of logical thought can be painful!

Being the farmland that it is, here in the valley we often get bird planted seedlings in the garden.  Pecan trees are one of the more annoying as they are difficult to dig out.  But sometimes the plantings are helpful, such as the nandina I found growing and transplanted where I could see the berries during the winter. 

For several years I thought how cool it would be to find some grapevines to make a wreath.  Of course I could have just bought a grapevine wreath at Michael's, but I wanted free grapevines.  So when I saw another bird planted grapevine in my garden, this one in a good sunny location, I let it grow.  In the fall I cut off the long canes, and wrapped them into a wreath.  The leaves were so pretty in their fall color I thought it might be worth propagating and moving to a better location.  However, it proved to be a big stubborn root and I left it for another year.  And the grapevine grew and grew, snaking up the drain spout, around a window and into the eaves, and enveloping a large rose bush.  So this week I spent an afternoon cutting the grapevine out of the rose bush.  It was not fun!   If one stops to think, it only makes sense that a vine with tendrils and a rose bush with thorns should not be friends! 

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