Sunday, January 24, 2010

OUR asparagus bed : )

The new asparagus bed is in.  I put one in a few years ago in front of the orange tree and it did not do well, maybe due to the sandy soil there, plus we did not like the way it looked, blocking the orange tree as it did.  So we decided to move it in front of the fence.  Whew!  What a job!  I could not dig out the old roots, which threatened to break my garden fork.  With much jumping on the shovel and related effort Jerry finally got them out and we decided that is another job we will never do again.  I dug part of the new ditch and Jerry finished up for me.  My doctor swears gardening is not good enough exercise but goodness, maybe he should come help sometime!  So that was yesterday, and today I put down manure and planted both the old roots and some new ones I bought, covering them at the bottom of the trench.  As they grow I will fill in the rest of the dirt, so they have the best opportunity to develop roots.  I think the $9 investment will give us several hundred dollars worth of asparagus over the next 10-12 years.  Of course there will be none this year, because the little roots need to get established, but we can look forward to the future.  Yum!  My dad used to make fun of me for saying I could see the stalks growing, but they really do grow inches in a day.  Here is a photo of the old asparagus, it is the gray green cloud to the left. 

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